And so to Highgrove, widely acclaimed garden of HRH, the Prince of Wales – for just £80 a head.

Accept the tight rein, bottomless pockets and cloying sycophancy – “His Royal Highness then had the most marvellous idea…”, as this is a truly inspirational, intensely personal garden reflecting the course of a very familiar life.

Never overly formal, the garden is beautifully laid out and displays great instinct and eccentricity. A highlight is the magnificent stumpery – dark, steaming roots, green ferns and woodland plants in rich, sweet, chocolate brown soil.

Enjoy too the numerous eclectic collections set amongst the plants – I loved the run of vintage birdfeeders.

And did the Teucrium (germander), cited as the blight-free alternative to box edging, work in the kitchen garden? Not for me. Too scruffy.

Sad the composting area is out of bounds.

Tea was excellent.